What We’re Reading – Jan 2020

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Looking for something to read this month? So are we, always! Lately we’ve been going back to books we already own. Old friends you might say. No cold trips to the library or spending money that always seems a little shorter in supply after the holidays. Our oldies might be new to you. So, we thought we’d give you some ideas for your January reading list.

What We're Usually Into

There are all kinds of “best seller” lists out there, but tastes in books sure do vary. When Lucy and I do venture out to our local library, I’ll find myself drawn to books that she will reject with little more than a glance. 

I get really drawn to cover art and interesting titles. Lucy has to find something in the book description that she relates to or that peaks her interest. 

I find myself listening to books more. Lucy is fine with traditional reading and ebooks.

Book Favs Jan 2020

Lucy's January Reading List

Book Favs Jan 2020

Lucy pretty consistently reaches for a combination of fiction and nonfiction books. I attribute this at least partly to being homeschooled. 

Our homeschool curriculum makes use of stories in all subjects, even math and science. So, reaching for sources that actually teach something about real life is natural for her.

Faun Is All About Fantasy

Lately, I’m into fiction and fantasy. I make pretty heavy use of my library audiobook apps. It’s easier to get my “reading” in and still get work and housework done if I can just listen to some of my favorite stories.

Some of the books in my listening rotation are favorites from my 20’s while others are more recent finds. I’ve noticed that the narrator makes SUCH a difference when listening to audiobooks. So, I’ve included my favorite narrators for each audiobook.

Books Now

What's On Your January 2020 Reading List?

What are you listening to or reading right now? Is there something new and exciting you want everyone around you to read? Or are you relying on old favorites to get you by this winter? Let us know! We love adding to our list of favorites.

Do You Remember?

Books On Tape

When I was growing up, our version of “audiobooks” were books on tape. We had boomboxes, Sony Walkmans (these were smaller and portable, kind of like iPods), and tape decks in our cars. You just popped a cassette tape in and listened. 

Cassette tapes could only hold a set amount of information. So, you often had to flip the tape to get the rest of your story. You may even end up with a set of tapes that had to be switched and flipped to get your whole story, depending on how long it was. 

Sometimes the “tape” portion of the cassette tape would get stuck in your device and pull out of its housing. You could use a pencil or ridged pen to wind the cassette and get the brown tape film back in. Easy fix, but also a pain.

There was also no choosing which chapter to begin at. So, if you were trying to get to a specific or favorite part of a book, you could end up hitting rewind and fast forward and awful lot. 

I do love audiobooks, but I sure don’t miss books on tape.

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