Theremin Thursday

Rockmores GDoodle 600

It’s been a little while since we have shared, but Lucy and I wanted to make sure you don’t miss the current Google Doodle staring Clara Rockmore! We can’t be the only ones finding a new variety of ways to entertain ourselves indoors as we try to help each other by staying apart these days. So, we hope this awesome interactive theremin activity brightens your week a little.

It’s the little things after all, right?

Credit Where Credit's Due

The image on this page and the interactive doodle itself are all thanks to a talented bunch. Hopefully Google Doodle with continue to bring together and support artists like these!

  • Artist – Robinson Wood
  • Interaction Designer – Kevin Burke
  • Engineers – Will Knowles & Kris Hom
  • The Google Doodle Engineering Team
Freepik Theremin

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